William Patino – How to Create Incredible Seascapes


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William Patino – How to Create Incredible Seascapes


Learn how to master seascape photography – even in “boring” locations.

From composition theory, settings for various effects, tips for working with water flow, post-processing techniques for focus stacking, exposure blending, and more, I cover everything in this masterclass.

You don’t need an epic location to create an epic image. You need a workflow that works.

Learn everything from scouting an amazing image, to editing your final masterpiece!

This Masterclass is for you if…

You’ve struggled at capturing moving water with a slow shutter.

You are unsure how to compose and capture seascapes well.

Your processing is lacking a refined, finished look.

Imagine you could…

Hear what my students are saying…

“As a landscape fanatic, I’ve always struggled when photographing the coast, water, sand, etc. This course has totally changed my photography. Will is an amazing teacher and his enthusiasm really made me feel like I can improve!”
-Ben R.

“I’ve not been shooting the coast much as there isn’t a “nice” beach near me. But man, your techniques for photographing in those situations have changed that. I recently created a series of images and have my first exhibition…of the beach…which I’ve never photographed before! Thank you!”
-Denia P.

“Most photographers I’ve watched teach how to shoot like them. Will is not like that. He has an infectious love of nature and a desire to teach me how to communicate what I see, in my own way. I’m now actually confident at all shutterspeeds on the beach and getting amazing shots!”
-Jacob S.