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SharkPixel – AI Presets DOWNLOAD

Retouch in seconds using AI

These presets will help you…

Transform your portraits into beautifully retouched shots.

Achieve perfect masks instantly with one-click AI presets.

Retouch portraits professionally regardless of your skill level.

From Kristina.

My workflow has been completely transformed since I’ve been using Adobe’s AI features. The tedious tasks that used to take hours are done in just a few clicks. I’ve created a tool set that contains every retouching tool I use daily. I can’t wait for you to get started!


In this toolset, you’ll get:

  • Portrait AI Presets – Harness the power of Adobe’s AI functionality and get 90% of your retouching done in just a few seconds!
  • Eyes AI Presets – Whether you want to change eye color, add impact, or slightly brighten the catchlight, these presets will mask and apply powerful changes in one click.
  • Lips AI Presets – Let Adobe’s AI do the hard work. One click and then apply different colors in under a second.
  • Skin AI Presets – Magically retouch your subject’s skin and make specific improvements to create perfect retouching in no time.
  • Face AI Presets – Making local adjustment to the face of your model can be tedious work. These AI presets make it easy peasy! Simply click the change you want and watch the magic happen.
  • Hair AI Presets – Improve hair depth, change hair color, and more in one click. You’ll be making creative portraits in seconds!
  • How-to Video – You’ll be able to easily install and use these AI Presets thanks to the included “How-to” video.

Transform Your Photos Instantly

What’s Included

One-click pro retouching tools.

Improving Eyes

With 21 AI presets designed to enhance the eyes, you can subtly augment catchlights, alter eye color, and much more.

Portrait Presets

Imagine transforming your photographs from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ at the click of a button. That is possible with any of these 20 presets.

Flawless Skin

Transform skin from blemish to beautiful, achieving perfect retouching with ease using these 24 AI presets.

Incredible Hair

With 36 AI presets at your disposal, you can enhance hair depth, alter hair color, and much more to improve any portrait.

Perfect Lips

Adobe’s AI does the challenging work of masking the lips, allowing you to swiftly apply a variety of colors or enhancements, creating the perfect mood and style.

Full Face

With just one click of the 16 AI presets included, you can make local adjustments to your subject’s face and see instant results.

Instant Masking

Instantly isolate complex areas like hair, skin, and facial features with Adobe’s advanced masking technology.

How-to Video

No matter your skill level – beginner or expert – with the included How-to Video you’ll be able to easily install and use these AI Presets.


These presets can accomplish tasks that take hours in mere seconds. Leaving you more time to be creative.


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