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Did you know that a simple shift in your stance and posture can totally change the appearance of your body?

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Get ready to blow your mind with the Sexy Selfie Guide!

Learn the lighting and angles to accentuate the parts you love most, how to work around the parts that you may not love so much, and how to rock all of it like the divine goddess you were born to be! 

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What’s inside the Sexy Selfie Guide?

What's Inside: Poses

A head-to-toe walk through for 38 poses from three angles.

What's Inside: Videos

Three flow-posing videos to walk you through getting into each pose.

What's Inside: Cheat Sheet

Cheat-Sheet to keep handy during your selfie sessions.

What's Inside: Quick Start Guide

A Quick Start Guide so you can easily jump right into the fun.

What's Inside: Behind the Scenes

behind the scenes video to show you how to get that perfect shot.

What's Inside: Room Layout

3 tripod layout illustrations for those perfect angles!

“Not only are you walked through lighting, body positioning and wardrobe possibilities – you are empowered to truly embrace the sexiness you are and are rewarded with bomb af photos.”

– Amethyst

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These sexy ladies can’t wait to meet you!

Once you join, you’ll also get access to the Sexy Selfie Guide community on Facebook for extra tips, support, and inspiration!

Sexy Selfie Guide Before + After Selfies

“I felt badass to be honest. Didn’t think I could produce such a fire photo on my own. I love the confidence I feel after nailing that perfect shot!”

– Krystina

Your Guide, Alex Loveland

We give all our love to others, but sometimes we forget that we deserve it too.

Alex Loveland of Loveland Boudoir has dedicated the last decade of her life to empowering women, and showing them how to feel sexy and confident in their own skin. Why? Because every single woman deserves to feel that way.

Everyone has their own reason to pursue boudoir, but with each shoot, Alex works with her clients to create breathtaking images, and above all, a lasting experience basked in capturing the self-love we all deserve.

Let’s get sexy.

All the tricks, all the support and all the inspiration is waiting inside!