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Sam Docker Education – Business & Automation

I love admin!!! Said no one, ever. Thankfully, I don’t do too much of it by hand! We don’t get paid to do admin, so in business and automation, we go through all the tools and techniques I use and recommend to make your business more efficient.

In this module…

Introduction to Business & Automation

Time is ££ – so be efficient with your time. We don’t get paid to do admin/marketing!! If you’re inefficient as a business, you can’t be consistent, you can’t grow.

Studio Ninja

Automates and tracks emails, invoices, syncs calendar, links to accounting software – saves time and looks professional!!

Client Meetings

Client zoom calls… some do’s and dont’s to ensure they convert into a booking!!

What do we cover?

Ep. 01 – Introduction to business & automation

Ep. 02 – Studio Ninja

Ep. 03 – Client meetings

Ep. 04 – Print sales – Shootproof

Ep. 05 – Social media automation