Kelli Marie Connor – Profitable Mini & Specialty Sessions



Kelli Marie Connor – Profitable Mini & Specialty Sessions



The Difference Between Minis, Specialty Sessions, Model Calls, and Full Price Sessions

Ideas for Specialty Sessions & Minis

  • Ideas for Themes
  • Bonus Sets as Minis
  • Themes Worksheet.pdf


  • The Importance of Hype
  • Preparing for Launch
  • Scarcity Marketing
  • Scarcity Marketing with Online Booking
  • Conditioning Your Audience
  • Marketing a Year of Minis
  • Focused Marketing
  • Images for Marketing
  • How Far in Advance to Market
  • Social Media Copy

Hair/Makeup & Wardrobe

  • Hair and Makeup
  • Consider this…
  • Wardrobe
  • HMUA as Assistant
  • Getting Clients to Opt-In on HMUA + Script

Scheduling for Multiple Clients in a Day

  • 4 Customizable Schedule Examples
  • How Much Time Should Be Included?

Session Fee Pricing for Minis & Specialty Sessions

  • How to Decide What to Charge
  • Mini Session Fee
  • Upselling on the Session Fee
  • Factoring in Shooting Space Costs (with or without studio)

Pricing Menu for Minis & Specialty Sessions


Pre Session Preparation for Effective Minis

In-Person Sales

Getting Your Mini Clients Booked for Full Sessions

Mini Session Issues & How to Prevent Them

Real Examples of my Past Promotions

Free Canva Templates