India Earl Education – Seo is Fun 101: Foundations of Google Achieving Rankings


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India Earl Education | SEO is FUN 101: Foundations of Google & Achieving Rankings DOWNLOAD

SEO doesn’t need to be complicated. This class will take all the mystery out of SEO and make it easy to understand and implement into your business. After this class, you will know exactly how to check your rankings, what to do to your website and blog posts to get them ranking, and how to put on your marketing think cap to breakthrough the barriers holding you back from success in SEO. You already have a website. You are already creating content and sharing it. Let’s get it targeted so that you can take advantage of this huge marketing opportunity. No more guesswork. After this class, you will know exactly how to SEO and it will become fun!


About Catalina Jean

Hi, I’m Catalina Jean! A wedding photographer based in Portland, OR who is SEO obsessed. I have 4 years experience teaching SEO in workshops, conferences, and 1-on-1 mentorships to hundreds of photographers and small business owners. I have personally used SEO to achieve and maintain six figures of revenue while never having to worry about social media or Instagram or any of their algorithms changes. I receive on average 30+ inquiries each month and never have to worry about booking out each and every year.

If you are spending countless hours trying to figure out SEO and just not ranking, this class is perfect for you. I do promise that this class includes all the steps I have taken to get on page 1 for over 100+ keyword phrases. utilizing this no-cost marketing avenue to make over six figures in revenue, consistently, every year.



I made this class because I see so many small businesses struggling to figure out SEO and wasting countless hours on their websites/blog posts with no idea on how to rank or even what to rank for. Also I found most SEO education available to be complex, overly tech-y, and spends hours and hours explaining things that most small business owners simply just don’t need to know. I’m a business owner and I understand that you have a million tasks on your plate – so this course is boiled down, straight to the point, easy steps you can take right now to start ranking. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Get your website and blog posts on the right track lightning fast so you can get SEO working for you while having time to focus on all the other parts of your business.


This class is a great fit for…


No experience necessary! Only thing that is needed is a website and an attitude to get serious about online marketing.

I go in-depth into both in a “choose your own adventure” format so you watch the videos only applicable to the specific hosting you use.THIS CLASS IS A FIT FOR:
— Photographers (all specialities: wedding, family, boudoir, etc)
— Videographers (all specialties)
— Wedding Professionals (venues, planners, florists, rentals, etc)
— Other Service-Based Small Businesses (note: read the FAQ for further info)

3 hours of video content including:

  • 01A slideshow presentation and workbook so you can easily follow along with the video teachings and start implementing SEO tactics right away.

source link:…

  • 02Videos with step-by-step SEO implementation into WordPress and Squarespace with easy to follow checklists.
  • 03Easy-to-use blogging checklist so that you cover everything needed to finally get your blog posts ranking.
  • 04How to do a website check-up to ensure there aren’t some basic but major things that could be destroying your rankings.
  • 05How to easily check your website and blog post rankings with a step-by-step walk- through of Google Search Console.
  • 06The tools you need to be able to do research and strategize what to target based on what your potential customers are actually search- ing.
  • 07How to get all green lights in Yoast. I’ll go through each step, line by line, and explain what it means and how to get that green light. Are you a Squarespace user? Fear not! There is even a video just for Squarespace users that teaches how they can be their own Yoast so they can also benefit from the info provided by this plug in.
  • 08Learn how you can consistently be producing great content that Google loves.
  • 09How to develop a list of strategies to go even farther with SEO and cast a wide net into new markets.
  • 10How social media and other avenues can play a part in SEO rankings.


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