India Earl Education – Online Pricing Workshop


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India Earl Education – Online Pricing Workshop

I’ve invested years of hard work, lots of trial and error, experimenting and testing, and endless 70+ hour workweeks to learn what I’m so freakin excited to finally share. Not only when I started out, but years into my business I felt so lost when it came to pricing. I tried reaching out to so many people for help and spent countless hours researching how to price my work. I found nothing that seemed like it was actually helpful for my business. It seemed impossible, so like most photographers that are struggling with this, I would spitball random prices at clients and cross my fingers they’d hire me, not knowing if they were accurate or if it made sense for me or the industry. I was losing so much money without even knowing it and totally screwing myself and my business over. I was working so much for basically less than minimum wage. As time went on I knew I had to change something because I was spreading myself too thin and losing my fire for photography.

Fast forward a couple of years later. I went from making less than minimum wage constantly feeling burnt out, to having a profitable 6 figure business shooting what I was passionate about working half as much. I not only believe that anyone can achieve this, but I KNOW for a fact that this process has been tested true to work as long as you put in the effort. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It comes with a lot of hard work, late nights, and mistakes. But by investing in this workshop you’ll be able to jumpstart your success by saving yourself from a lot of headaches and losing thousands of dollars. Not only has this been successful for my business but it has for several other photographers as well from all over the world in different industries, with different business goals, and different clientele.