How to Shoot for Brands — Jumpstart Your Photo Business


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How to Shoot for Brands — Jumpstart Your Photo Business by Joel Hyppönen

Want to start working for brands and earning money?

Breaking into the world of commercial photography can feel intimidating. This lesson aims to give you the knowledge of how to work with brands, plan and execute branded shoots, as well as loads of extras that will help you get started in landing your first client. Joel is going to walk you through everything he’s learned working with brands: from pitching to your client to editing and delivering the best images. You’ll also get a behind-the-lens look at how he poses talent with product and finds the best available light, no matter the weather.

Meet Your Instructor

Joel is a lifestyle photographer based in Hamar, Norway with an extensive professional background in content and digital marketing. By consistently creating fresh personal work, Joel tells captivating stories through his lens, crafts epic adventures and has fun as much as possible outside of city lights. His focus in photography is documenting stories, people and places raw and unfiltered.

Joel Hyppönen

Hey, I’m Joel (@joelhypponen). To me, photography is a language for expressing what I see and feel.

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