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The Photographer’s Process by David duChemin

The third of three videos is about the creative process of making photographs, this is a specific conversation about the making of one of my photographs. I made this video because I think photographers can benefit from a more honest conversation about how we do what we do. With so much attention going to the gear we use, we must look at the making of images from a larger perspective: one that accounts for all the moving pieces and the specific roles of every part of the process.

I also made this video as the first of many in a series called The Photographer’s Process, which is part of a larger, ongoing training resource called Making the Image that will be released on May 07 at It’s my hope that ongoing discussions like this can give the kind of context needed in which to discuss the elements of our craft that are so often just taught in pieces – things like the choice of settings, composition, editing, and post-production.

I hope this video and the others I made for you have been valuable.

If you’ve got a moment and are willing to do me a favor, would you leave a comment and let me know one thing: what would you like to see in videos like this?

The new course is an ongoing thing and gives me one thing I’ve never had before: time to react to your feedback and address your questions as the course goes along. Which makes your feedback more important than ever. I’d love to hear your thoughts and give you a chance to help me make the best course I’ve made yet, in my ongoing effort to help you make the best photographs of your life.

For the Love of the Photograph,


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