Dare Cinema – DSLR Video – Camera Angles


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Dare Cinema – DSLR Video – Camera Angles

Learn the secret ingredients you need to create amazing and professional videography with your DSLR.

What You’ll Learn


Let’s go over everything we are going to cover in this course!

Quick Orientation

Why shoot DSLR Video anyways? Defining and discussing the 5 key factors which affect DSLR video shooting. Getting the filmic look with shallow depth of field. The use of filters to maximize your le…

Indoor Cinemagraphs

In this lesson, we will go over common camera settings for filming indoors, how to find the right repetitive motion for your cinemagraph, turning your video file into a cinemagraph using Photoshop,…

Capturing Video without an ND

Shooting in the shade to keep your exposure under control with a wide-open aperture. Learn the problems that overlapped motion causes. Examining the effect of aperture on your depth of field.

Reversing Video for a Cinemagraph

In this lesson, we will create a reversed video file for seamless cinemagraph looping.

Capturing an Outdoor Cinemagraph

In this lesson, we will learn how to shoot using a variable Neutral Density filter.

Nighttime Cinemagraphs

Using your aperture to expose your scene with the natural light from a candle. Creating a seamless loop in your main subject and its reflection.

Overlapping Motion Practice

Five additional sample files to practice reverse cinemagraphs for seamless looping.

Creating Cinemagraphs out of Existing Shots

Turning a timelapse of Paris into a seamless looping cinemagraph. Isolate traffic at nighttime and create a seamless cinemagraph.

Part 2

The Five Basic Shot Types

Learn the five essential shot types. See how changing subject size influences shot type. Get familiar with when each of these shot types is appropriate to use.

What are the Descriptive Shot Types

Learn almost 20 professional shot classifications and how they are referred to. See how motion can be utilized to create more complex shot compositions.

The Importance of Subject Angle

Learn how to choose the best angle for a human subject. Find out the best angles for shooting scenes with architectural elements. The importance of finding the best angle to increase the depth and …

Camera Height

Learn what level angle, low angle, and high angle are. Choosing the best height for your subject. Learn when you should use high-angle or low-angle shots.

Learning to Use Camera Angles

4 factors to consider when selecting camera angles. Some simple practice exercises to learn how to use camera angles effectively in your own work.