Sam Docker Education – Shooting Setup and Techniques


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Sam Docker Education – Shooting Setup and Techniques

What do we cover?

Ep. 01 – Introduction to shooting

Ep. 02  Inspiration and the creative process

Ep. 03 – Kit and setup

Ep. 04 – Visual triggers and techniques

Ep. 05 – Portraits

Ep. 06 – Get fit, get closer

Ep. 07 – What’s in my kit bag – 2022


Inside this module…

Introduction to Shooting

So, you know how to use a camera? But does that make you a professional photographer? Let’s strip things right back and talk about the absolute basics.

Inspiration & the Creative Process

Let’s have a look into how creativity works in this industry, and what we can do to recognise those influences and how they can inspire our work.

Kit & Setup

You know what this is about, surely?! Ok, it’s the kit I use, and how I use it. The techniques and setups that I regularly use at each and every wedding to make the very most of every scene!