Archipelago Quest – Quest 30 – Autumnal



Archipelago Quest 30 Autumnal

The season of cozy cable knit sweaters, hot chocolates, and evenings sitting around a crackling bonfire is here. Distilling the essence of autumn, Archipelago Quest 30 Autumnal brings you a colorful cinematic set of presets designed to bring your fall imagery to life. Each variant gives you a subtle shift in dynamics to provide consistency across a wide variety of images, and the tools included provide extensive customization over foliage hues, adding the magic of fall color to any scene. Be sure to use the Autumnal creative profile to boost the autumnal effect with even deeper and richer orange-reds.

Archipelago Quest 30 Autumnal includes:

Archipelago Quest 30 Autumnal 01 – Syrupy golden overtone with glowing highlights. Chartreuse greens, sky blues, and butter yellows.
Archipelago Quest - Quest 30 - Autumnal
Archipelago Quest 30 Autumnal 02 – Muted dynamic variation with crushed highlights and lifted shadows
Archipelago Quest - Quest 30 - Autumnal
Archipelago Quest 30 Autumnal 03 – Lower contrast dynamic variation with soft tonal range
Archipelago Quest - Quest 30 - Autumnal
Foliage – Shift – Shifts greens and yellows in foliage to the amber and ochre shades of autumn

Foliage – Saturate or Desaturate – Saturates or desaturates foliage

Foliage – Darken or Lighten – Darkens or lightens foliage

Foliage – Warmth – Adds warmth to foliage

Reset – Resets all foliage masks

Foliage mask presets are meant to be used with the Preset Amount Slider, make sure you make adjustments to your taste.


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