Rooke & Rover Crew – The Rover Collection – Rover II


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Rooke & Rover Crew – The Rover Collection – Rover II

the Rover x Collection will provide stunning results. A variety of presets make it Perfect For Lifestyle, Portraiture And Keeping Your Images Clean And Classic. With The Use Of The Presets, Your Pictures Will Maintain A Consistent Look Over And Any Situation.

As always Rooke & Rover was built with creative-minded business owners. Our presets are unique with the purpose to help Brand & distinguish your style and business use our powerful presets and editing tools in Lightroom mobile, to create beautiful images from everyday photos.

Presets Auto WB Tools Adj. Tools
RxR 01

RxR 02

Daylight Hard +
RxR 03

RxR 04

Shade Soft –
RxR 05

RxR 06

Cloudy Grain +
RxR 07

RxR 08

Flash Color +