PRO EDU – Single Source Lighting with Peter Coulson


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PRO EDU – Single Source Lighting with Peter Coulson

Welcome to an immersive learning experience built around black & white portrait and fashion photography with world renowned photographer Peter Coulson. This 18+ hour course is built around the essentials of properly planning and executing stellar black & white photography with a wide range of cameras. NEW: We now offer monthly payments through PayPal and Affirm at checkout for US based customers!

This tutorial includes 10 full photo shoots and over 20 post-production retouches designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of preparing for, shooting, and retouching portraits. Be prepared to learn about color space, advanced camera settings, how to look at light, how to use 1 light set-ups, how to use 2 light set-ups, natural light, and everything involved in post-processing with Peter Coulson. After this course, you will have complete confidence to go out on your own to create stunning black & white images. During this tutorial, Peter uses and explores the Sony A7R full frame systems, 3 Canon DSLR’s, and medium format cameras to illustrate his photographic process. You do not need high-end gear to create stellar images, just this tutorial, and the willingness to learn!