Kelli Marie Connor – Referral Program



Kelli Marie Connor – Referral Program

What’s Included?

My referral program is a super powerful and low-effort way to get referrals, testimonials and reviews. And you get access to all of it! I’ve even included pre-designed templates for you to use to get things started and running smoothly. This Referral Program Guide is ready to be customized and sent to your clients, it is sure to make you look like a rock star and get your clients shouting your praises.

In addition to my Referral Program, I have also added lots of information about how/why to run a Past Client Facebook Group, as this can be a great tool to keep your past clients engaged, booking, and referring. You can leverage this group to stay in contact with past clients specifically, this group does not need the time and attention as your main Facebook group but will be an excellent tool in your toolbox. Lots of genius ideas in there for client retention keeping your past clients working for you!

As of 2021, I have added a Charity Calendar Campaign that you can use for boosting engagement inside your FB VIP group, and it will also illicit the growth of your group and spur new bookings! This is a super powerful promotion you can do each year and it will have compounding effects if you make it a part of your yearly marketing calendar.

What’s Included:

-Overview and instructions
-Referral Program Email
-Referral Program Guide Template, fully designed and ready to customize
-Referral Card templates to use in print and group posts
-Facebook group post templates and instructions
-Past Client Facebook Group ideas and copy for tons of posts!
-Bonus Content for Facebook group usage
-How to use + customize guide instructions
-Annual Charity Calendar Content

Includes 1 downloadable file, 6 template design links, 11 instructional files, and 11 post templates/copy., 1 video explanation for the annual charity calendar

All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. Please review all items in detail before purchase.