Kara Marie’s Boudoir Digital Posing Cards



Kara Marie’s Boudoir Digital Posing Cards

Kara Marie has over 10 years of experience in boudoir photography. In that time, she has built up a storehouse of over 100 amazing, go-to poses, unique to this genre, that are available in this beautiful collection of boudoir digital posing cards.

With these cards in hand, you’ll have a visual reference to consult during your own shoots to elevate your boudoir photography. Flip through the digital posing cards and make note of the number of your favorite ones, so you can easily find them in the directory.

Download posing card pages individually to save as digital reference on your computer or mobile device (or to send to your clients to review in preparation for the shoot). Or, you can print individual posing card pages at home, so you have a physical reference at your shoot.