Brandon Li – Filmmaking For Photographers


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What You’ll Learn

Don’t let a bunch of unknowns stop you from making your first film.

We’ll go step by step through the making of a complete travel film, and you can look over my shoulder through the entire process.

Then you’ll get to download all of the video clips from the final video and learn each step of my editing process, hands-on.

If you’re a photographer making your first film, or if you just want to learn more about my thought process when I’m shooting in the real world (where mistakes do happen and things don’t go according to plan), I made this for you!


Brandon Li - Filmmaking For Photographers

You’ve always wanted to start making videos but didn’t know where to get started.

Brandon Li - Filmmaking For Photographers
You’re a photographer and you have a camera that shoots video but never ventured into video mode before.

Brandon Li - Filmmaking For Photographers
You’ve seen my videos and you want to get a more complete look at how I put it all together from start to finish.

Imagine If You Could…

Feel confident about being able to shoot a full video with minimal gear anywhere you go.

Know how to tell a story with your videos even without having a full plan beforehand.

Know how to use video editing to express yourself in your own style and voice.



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